GRIFFIN DASH(グリフォンダッシュ)

・15 min.〜
・8 and older

Japanese rules

English rules

Game Overview

Adventurers heard rumors of a mysterious orange jewel.
Their joy at discovering the jewel is short-lived when a ferocious griffin spots them..!
Players become adventurers, collecting “Griffin Jewels” and aiming for the exit before the griffin catches up with us, before anyone else can!

The griffin finds us and comes straight for us.
We were terrified. We scattered the jewels we had collected and ran toward the exit at once!
We had to pick up the jewels as we ran! What we had to do was simple.
We must get out of the cave before the others do. Then block the exit.
Then I would be the only one to get the jewels!


Adventurer Pieces:5
Griffin piece:1
Footprint Marker:1
Griffin Jewels(small):30
Griffin Jewels(large):10
Start Tile:1
Griffin Start Tile:1
Goal Tile:1
Dungeon tiles(For 2 squares):12
Step cards:25(5 sheets per color)
Trunk Cards:5
Griffin Card:1

Supplemental Information

Griffin Dash” is a sister product of “Dragon Dash”.It follows the world view and rules of DRAGON DASH with some revised rules.If you own DRAGON DASH, you can combine the two and play as “MEGA DASH”!Whether you have Dragon Dash or not, you can enjoy it.

MEGA DASH rule is here

Japanese rules

English rules


Game Design: Oguland
Artwork draft: Yusuke Akiyama
World view setting: Yu Miyazaki
Other: Kansuke Nishida
Planning: Tokyo Gamemakers

How to obtain

Available at stores nationwide.
Sales will end as soon as stock runs out.