DIRTY CHEAT RACING(ダーティーチートレーシング)

  • 2-5player
  • 20 min.〜
  • 8 and older

Japanese rules


English rules


■Game Overview

DCR (Dirty Cheat Racing) is a game about racing cars around a large universe.
The winner is the one with the most points at the end of three rounds.
However, even though it is called a race, you don’t need to have any machine piloting skills in order to win.
All you need is a little bit of luck, a few sneaky cheats, and an overwhelming amount of fucking guts!


・Machine frames × 5
・Dice × 1
・Energy × 24
・Points × 15 (3 each of
・Planet tiles × 12
・START/GOAL tile × 1
・Processing order tile × 1
・Player cards(energy trunk) × 5
・Cheat cards × 13
・Rules sheet × 1


Game Design: Yu Miyazaki, Oguland
Artwork: Yusuke Akiyama
Advisor: Kansuke Nishida
Planning: Tokyo Gamemakers

■How to obtain

Available at stores nationwide.
Sales will end as soon as stock runs out.