• Number of players: 3 to 6
  • Play time: 10 minutes and up
  • Age range: 13 years old and up

English rule


Game Overview

“Jack and the Detective” is a game based on the Jack the Ripper case that took place in 19th century London. The player becomes a character in the case as either the murderer Jack the Ripper (Jack), a “detective” who pursues Jack, or a “heartthrob” who helps Jack.
When two victims are found, the investigation is closed, and the game is concluded by naming and arresting Jack, who has been mixed up with the detective.


In 1888, London is gripped by the fear of a serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper”. The City of London’s police department is doing everything in its power to investigate the case, but Jack cannot be caught. Fed up, the police ask the city’s private detectives to help with the investigation. The detectives gladly cooperate for the sake of honor.
However, “Jack the Ripper” continues to blend in with the detectives, causing more and more victims…


Identity card: 7
Newbie Detective card: 1
Player cards: 6
Operation order cards: 6
London tiles: 12
Detective Frame: 6
Arrow Marker : 1
Newbie chips: 1
Rulebook: 1 copy


Planning: Tokyo Gamemakers
Game Design: Yu Miyazaki
Artwork: Nozuke Akiyama
Advisors: Oguland, Kansuke Nishida


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An application for mobile phones has been released by Curiouspark, Inc.

You can enjoy playing online for free.