HEVEN and HELL -one night billionaire-

  • 2-6player
  • 5 min.~
  • 8 and older

Japanese rules


English rules


■Game Overviw

“Heaven and Hell – one night billionaire-” is a new type of millionaire (big poor) type game with the addition of “takeover” and “ruletiles”!
The aim of the game is to eliminate the cards in your hand faster than anyone else by creating “Hand” with the cards in your hand and playing them on the field.
The first player to eliminate the cards in your hand earns the highest chip value.
However, the last person to do so will receive a severe negative chip..!
The player with the highest total of victory chips at the end of three rounds wins.

※We recommend playing the two sets of “HEVEN and HELL -one night billionaire-” together!


Player pieces:6
God piece:1
Victory chips:18(4、5、6、7、10、-10 ×3)
Rule tiles:9
Strength tile:1
Cards:47(5 types × 9(1~9), Joker ×2)
Round cards:3
Rule sheets:1


Game Design: Oguland
Artwork: Mizuki Toyama
Publisher: Tokyo Gamemakers

■How to obtain

It will be at stores nationwide.
Sales will end as soon as stock runs out.